MyFitnessPal now has a 'premium' paid tier

MyFitnessPal is taking a stab at monetization, unveiling a new 'Premium' tier of service. For $9.99/month or $49.99/year user will get more granular knowledge on food analysis, improved customer support, and an ad-free experience. There are even personalization options for those who would like to set daily goals, which can also be adjusted based on your daily exercise level. Premium members will also get access to exclusive content and food analysis based on nutritional information you might be tracking.

The premium tier is meant to appeal to power users more than average consumers. Those who aren't happy with simply calorie and fitness monitoring can now have deeper access to content.

It's akin to LoseIt's premium model, which offers much of the same features as MyFitnessPal's new premium tier. While small differences are present, like MyFitnessPal's focus on macronutrients, the two services are largely the same.

MyFitnessPal's premium model is also the first big update since Under Armour acquired the company for upwards of $500 million. While they didn't say the two would work together, it's also interesting that Under Armour recently partnered with HTC on a fitness wearable. In-house synergy awaits.

The premium tier for MyFitnessPal is available now, so if you want more than step counting and an understanding of how many calories you took in today, check it out.

Source: MyFitnessPal