MSI X-Slim X340 size-comparison with iPhone 3G, Lenovo X301

We can't get enough of the MSI X-Slim X340 ultraportable here at SlashGear, and after catching up with MSI themselves at CTIA this week this is one notebook we're really looking forward to trying out.  You can see our video demo of the X340 here, but if you're wondering just how thin the latest X-Slim is, NewGadgets' photoshoot should prove educational.

Sat on top of the X340 in the photo above is an iPhone 3G, looking decidedly chubby in this comparison.  Back-to-back sits the Lenovo ThinkPad X301, a laptop never exactly accused of being a porker, though it gets a little dispensation by virtue of its Core 2 Duo processor compared to the X340's CULV Core 2 Solo.

Still, it's a decidedly attractive notebook and the early benchmarks haven't dissuaded us.  MSI are planning a sub-$1000 price-tag for the X-Slim X340, together with larger and smaller screen versions following on later in the year.