MSI X-Slim X340 Air-esque envelope video

Apple's MacBook Air envelope advert is probably one of the most iconic pieces of ultraportable branding from the past few years, and it set a bar that new notebooks love to take pot-shots at.  Given the striking similarity between the Air and MSI's X-Slim X340, it seems all too appropriate that the 13-inch notebook should try an envelope test of its own.Video after the cut

The video is a nice distraction, but we'd rather know where got the X340 from.  Barring a hotline to get our own, we'll settle for a full review.

In terms of specs, the X340 has a Centrino ULV processor, HDMI and WiFi b/g/n, together with Bluetooth and optional WiMAX.  More details here, plus live photos.

[Thanks Stefan!]