MSI WindPad U100W Win7 tablet gets video preview: underwhelms

Last we heard, MSI was focusing on Android slates rather than its WindPad U100W Windows 7 based tablet, but it seems the 10-inch device is still headed to CES 2011 next week. NetbookNews grabbed some pre-show hands-on playtime with the U100W, which runsĀ Intel's Atom Silverthorne Z530 processor and has a 32GB SSD.Video after the cut

Unfortunately, it doesn't exactly meet with much approval. While the WindPad U100W's display is clear and bright, and the accelerometer reasonably swift to flick between orientations, the rest of the experience is underwhelming. That Z530 processor shares a fair chunk of the blame, being based on an old chip design rather than Intel's newer models; MSI apparently claims it's the most recent processor they could use and still keep the U100W fanless.

The rear camera is handy but NetbookNews' Sascha Pallenberg tells us he reckons the WindPad U100W is "dead on arrival". Seems MSI should've carried on focusing on more useful mobile OSes for tablet purposes, and left Windows 7 on the desktop.