Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs stepping down later this year

Craig Lloyd - Apr 10, 2013
Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs stepping down later this year

After stepping on board as CEO of Mozilla in 2010, Greg Kovacs is stepping down from the position at some point later this year. The company announced the news today, but a solid date for Kovacs departure wasn’t disclosed. However, Kovacs will remain with Mozilla as a member of the company’s board of directors.

Kovacs joined Mozilla in October of 2010 and he has helped the company make its way towards the mobile landscape, and he’s even credited with being the leader behind the development of Firefox OS, which was just recently unveiled this year. The next CEO for Mozilla, which is currently being searched for as we speak, certainly has some big shoes to fill.

Kovacs says that he’s proud of the company, and now that Mozilla has a “solid foundation and a strong team in place,” Kovacs decided that this is “the right time” for him to hand the role to someone else willing lead Mozilla even further. However, Kovacs still plans to “guide Mozilla’s impact on the future of mobile,” so this certainly won’t be the end for Kovacs.

The company’s next big project is partnering up with Samsung to develop a whole new web browsing engine for Android, called Servo. The engine would be written using an in-house programming language, and the companies are hoping that Servo will be a revolutionary new product that Android will greatly benefit from.

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