Samsung and Mozilla working on new web browser engine for Android

Samsung and Mozilla announced today that they're partnering up to build a "next generation" and an "advanced technology" web browser engine, which they're calling Servo. Mozilla said in a blog post announcing the news that the two companies will build a new engine from the ground up, but "rethinking old assumptions along the way."

Essentially, Mozilla and Samsung want to bring this new web browser engine to Android devices running ARM, and in order to make a secure, yet fully open experience, Servo is written in Rust, which is a new programming language developed by Mozilla. You can actually download the code on Github and play around with it, but Mozilla notes that it's in its very early stages.

Details are pretty scarce at this point in the development process, and we're not quite sure yet what exactly this next-generation web browser engine will be capable of, but we're guessing it'll be pretty revolutionary if Mozilla and Samsung put their heart into it. Rust has been in development for a couple years now, actually, and they expect have the first major revision done sometime this year.

However, the partnership seems to be a perfect fit for the two companies. Mozilla is providing the Rust programming language, as well as Servo, while Samsung's experience with ARM will no doubt be of tremendous help for Mozilla in bringing the technology to Android devices in the future.