MoviePass Unlimited returns, with fine print

Today we're having a peek at the MoviePass Unlimited service – because it's not QUITE as Unlimited as you might've guessed. Late last month the "Unlimited" service was cut down significantly. Now, after significant press on the subject, MoviePass brought their Unlimited service back. Almost as if they'd planned on keeping said service the whole time.

Back in late April, MoviePass fiddled with their service so that the $9.95 per month cost was no longer Unlimited. Instead, users were limited to 4 movies per month. And users could no longer see the same movie more than once. And that wasn't the full extent of the changes.

Now, MoviePass moved back to Unlimited – but keep this in mind: they didn't bring EVERYTHING back. Almost as if MoviePass took away more than they needed to last month just so giving some of their services back seemed like they'd given in to customer demands. But they didn't, not really.

Changed service rules with MoviePass, April/May 2018:

• Each individual movie limit – 1 viewing*

• Switch "authorized device" once per month

Switched back:

• 4 movies per month (returned to Unlimited)

*As a result of the rule change to one viewing of each movie per month, technically the word "unlimited" shouldn't really be used. Unless you live in a place where they've got theaters that run every single movie released, as its released, there aren't likely 30 movies released every single month.

You'll want to take a peek at our MoviePass Review to get a grip on what the service actually provides, at this point. Note that additional changes may occur at any point, and not all theaters work, and you can't see 3D movies, and such. Even with all that, it still seems like a pretty good deal for people who see several movies a month, right?

According to MoviePass terms of service, listed at the time of purchase: "MoviePass reserves the right to change the terms of our service or offerings, INCLUDING PARTICIPATING THEATERS in order to work with theater chains more closely aligned with our consumer friendly subscription service. ALWAYS CHECK OUR APP FOR UPDATES."

Keep your eyes on the prize – especially when the prize seems to be better than it possibly could be.