MoviePass just added a step

Chris Burns - May 16, 2018, 9:36 am CDT
MoviePass just added a step

This morning MoviePass sent out a “beta test” announcement to users – not all users, but some. According to the message, MoviePass is “implementing a few systems to protect our service from fraudulent activity to ensure that MoviePass is sustainable for the entire community.” Apparently some people were… going to movies for free… fraudulently? So you’re gonna have to take photos of your tickets.

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t going to be too big a hassle. But for those MoviePass users that’ve been using their account normally since the service started, it’s a little bit of a bummer. The change here is an additional step – after the movie ticket is purchased.

Once the user – in the program, as selected – gets their ticket, they’ll have to take a photo of the ticket with their MoviePass app on their smartphone. This requires the following semi-obvious steps to complete (these steps come from MoviePass PR):

1. Continue to check-in to a movie the same way through the MoviePass app.
2. After you check-in you’ll be asked to take a photo of your ticket stub.
3. The first time, you will also be asked to enable camera access in order to do so.
4. Once the photo verification is processed (this will only take seconds), you’ll be able to purchase your next ticket the following day*.
5. You will have to repeat these steps above each time you use your MoviePass card.

*To be clear, the newest set of rules on the service make it so you’d only be able to get one free ticket per day anyway, so it’s sorta weird that MoviePass would include this in their step-by-step steps. MoviePass suggested this morning that they “don’t believe this extra step should impact your experience.”

If this is the breaking point for you, let us know! Meanwhile I’ll be heading to Deadpool this weekend using a MoviePass card for the first time, for reals. I’ll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile have a peek at our MoviePass Review to see the card in action.

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