Moves app Android update brings Accounts, connected apps, API support

Developers at ProtoGeo have just moved the app Moves into the limelight with support for their own API for developers, a healthy list of connected apps, and User Account sign ins. This turns the Moves app into a real-deal heavy-hitter in the activity tracker apps universe, and allows the app ecosystem to expand at a speedy rate.

What you're working with on Moves is an app that goes the extra mile toward keeping "always tracking" as low a battery guzzler as possible. With the vast majority of Android device able to work with their accelerometer sensors in the background, Moves allows the user to track themselves all day and all night without the aid of any additional hardware.

The iOS version of Moves is pushing forward full steam ahead as well, having attained the glory of being one of the very first apps to take hold of the iPhone 5s's M7 Motion Coprocessor unit for low-power tracking as well. This iOS version of Moves also works with the API support, connected apps, and User Account action that the Android version has, both versions kicking up essentially the same experience from both ends.

This app allows the user to work with automatic tracking which allows the mapping of places like Work and Home, automatically recognized be how often you're there. You'll also find routes on map, showing you the paths you've taken, and you'll see a simple pedometer through the whole trek.