Mouse cursor release leaked for iPad, iPhone

An update to iOS leaked this week indicated the release of mouse cursor support, the likes of which have not yet existed in iOS in any form. Information appears in code for iOS 14, a bit of software not yet released to the public. This release will assist developers in creating cross-platform software experiences, allowing similar apps to exist on both macOS desktop machines and iOS (and iPadOS alike).

Much like we see in touchscreen devices running Windows 10, code reviewed by 9to5Mac suggests that the mouse cursor will disappear when left idle for a period of time. When the mouse is called upon, a cursor appears. This should happen regardless of if a standard hardware mouse or a trackpad is used.

Where iOS 13 added a bit of mouse functionality, it was relegated largely to accessibility features. Now, with this latest update, mouse cursor support will take a more mainstream role. Per the leak, "the changes coming to the software will bring most of the cursor features your recognize from a Mac desktop experience to iOS."

Usage of this system would allow the already-made Smart Keyboard iPad accessories to create a more desktop-like experience on the iPad. It's likely the majority of the non-basic functionality here will be present only for the newest iPad models. They'll also be better than your laptop.

Back in June of 2019, iPadOS turned the iPad Pro into a proper computer, according to SlashGear's JC Torres. Is full mouse cursor support the extra bump it needs to turn the "computer" into a full "notebook"?

This is just one of a variety of iOS 14 leaks that've appeared this week. In the mix are a set of features that give clues as to what the next iPhone will bring, how we'll use the next iPad collection, and what we'll be able to do with the next Apple Watch. Take a peek at the timeline below and stick around as more leaks throughout the day!