Motorola Touch ZINE HD fakery revealed

There was much excitement when the leaked image of the Motorola Touch ZINE HD showed up, with a general consensus that – if the image was real – it marked a new turning point for the beleaguered company.  Unfortunately the innovation involved in creating the Touch ZINE HD looks like it wasn't actually Motorola's: instead, it's been lovingly pieced together from a Motorola E8 and a ZN5.

What mockup artist Yury Cassini appears to have done is taken the front panel of the Motorola E8 and cleared off the keys, adding some minor controls and an earpiece along the way.  For the rear panel, meanwhile, the ZN5 donated its camera assembly and with some Photoshop tweaking the Motorola Touch ZINE HD was born.

So it looks as though this specific device isn't sitting on the Motorola design board, but we can only hope that something very similar is.  Going by co-CEO Greg Brown's harsh words, and his new focus on Android, we can keep our fingers crossed that by the end of 2009 there'll be something vaguely similar for us to legitimately squeal over.

[via Engadget]