Motorola Tablet hits FCC with scant details

Chris Burns - Oct 24, 2011, 3:55 pm CDT
Motorola Tablet hits FCC with scant details

Today the FCC has posted a listing as filed by Motorola for a tablet that should be on its way to USA markets inside the year. That’s generally what happens when a device from a big company such as Motorola hits the FCC in such a manner, and with what can only be described as a near blackout of details surrounding the tablet device in the FCC listing here, we must assume that its top secret nature was found to be important enough by Motorola and the FCC to keep it hidden. We know a piece of the FCC ID, that being IHDP56MJ3, the serial number KFLC140080, and that’s about it. Motorola was the first group to be chosen by Google to run the very first tablet-based Android system as a hero – are they up to some sweet designs once more?

Though the Motorola XOOMho, the original Honeycomb tablet that is, will now be tossed down into a pile of bones by your average Android super hater, it remains a powerful customer in our still-new-to-dual-core mobile landscape. By the end of the year though we’ll have quad (and penta) core devices thanks to NVIDIA and their Tegra 3 (Kal-El) project. What will Motorola do then? They need more tablets! Here’s a tablet right here, look like a more than 2-core processor toting possibility?

Again, we cannot say, but here it is nonetheless. Meanwhile since we’re speaking about Motorola and updates, note that Motorola today tweeted that they’d be “releasing devices for ICS [Ice Cream Sandwich] 6 weeks after Google releases the final version of it.” What does this mean? It means that they’ve been in communication with Google on the release date, they know it, and they’re keeping it all for themselves! I can’t believe the nerve! In all actuality though, this is good news, as generally it’s taken much longer for devices to be released with a new Android version after release in the past. They still release devices with Froyo, for goodness sake!

Ice Cream Sandwich penta-core tablet around the corner!

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