Motorola RAZR3 prototype gets video demo

News that Motorola had canned their RAZR3 project all the way back in November 2008 was met with collective indifference, but beyond a small photo of the handset we've been left hanging as to what happened to the company's prototypes.  One such example has leaked to Travis the Tech Man and he's been showing it off on video.Video demo after the cut

The rumored specifications turn out to be largely true: it has a GSM HSPA modem, GPS and Nuance voice-recognition, together with a 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash.  The form-factor is obviously reminiscent of early RAZR models, but there's a large touchscreen display on the front of the flip with a physical lock switch on the side to prevent accidental taps while it's in your pocket.

Motorola apparently intended to launch the RAZR3 early in 2009, but reportedly yanked the project after deciding to shift their focus to Android instead.  Considering they've since produced some of the more interesting devices running the Google OS, that looks like a mighty good decision.

[via fonearena]