Motorola Razr 5G release date level leak drops all specs

The second-generation Motorola Razr (with foldable display) was leaked in a big way this week in a set of insider tips that essentially spill all the beans. The Motorola Razr 5G, as it's expected to be called, will come in at least one color: Mercury Silver – with a 6.2-inch display inside. This device will likely be launched with a pair of massive cameras and a dual-SIM card tray.

The Motorola Razr 5G was leaked this week in a simple specs sheet which included a note about a "Motorola Odyssey" code-name for the phone. This device will have at least a 256GB internal storage size iteration, if not a 512GB internal storage size iteration. The dual-SIM card tray includes both nano SIM and eSIM (so it might not actually have a literal two-card tray, but a single card tray and an eSIM card built in.

This device will almost certainly be non-waterproof and non-dustproof – it's not particularly rugged, as it wasn't with the first Foldable Razr. With a 48MP main camera and a 20MP secondary camera, it would appear that this device is getting a significant upgrade from its first edition, but still won't be a contender for best camera combo on a smartphone worldwide. The first Razr with foldable display (2019) included a 16MP and a ToF 3D sensor on its back, and a 5MP camera as a selfie camera.

The original was released with a non-removable 2510 mAh battery. We do not expect the battery size to change significantly with the 5G edition, but charging speed should get a bit of an upgrade from its original 15W. Colors for the original included Noir Black and Blush Gold – it would not be a shock to find these colors return to the collection with the 5G version if the first wave sells well.

It's expected that the Motorola Razr 5G will be revealed in late 2020, then released by the end of the year. Cross your fingers it'll cost less than its first edition at $1,500 – that's not going to fly for a device whose only unique feature is a foldable display – as it really didn't with the first.