Motorola Mobility announces Viewdle acquisition

Well, look at that. Yesterday, we caught wind of a rumored Google buyout of Viewdle, a company that specializes in facial recognition technology. The whispers yesterday said that this acquisition could be announced by the end of the week, possibly as soon as today. Sure enough, Motorola announced its acquisition of Viewdle today, sealing the deal and boosting Google's portfolio when it comes to facial recognition.

Motorola, of course, is owned by Google, and now so is Viewdle. We don't have to think too hard to come with a potential use for Viewdle, as Google will likely want to use its technology in Google Plus and Android. Facebook is using facial recognition technology of its own to make tagging friends in images quicker, so it stands to reason that Google will do the same thing now that it has Viewdle at its disposal.

Of course, yesterday we also mentioned the potential uses in Google Glass, so don't be surprised if you see Viewdle playing a significant role in the development of the device moving forward. We can't say specifically how Google would put Viewdle to work with Google Glass, but the two do seem they'd go together nicely.

In a statement today, Motorola said that it has been working with Viewdle for some time before this buyout, so the folks at Viewdle will be no stranger to Google. The terms of the deal weren't disclosed, but yesterday we were told that Google is paying somewhere in between $30 to $45 million dollars to acquire Viewdle. We hope to hear more about this acquisition and Google's plans for Viewdle soon, so keep it tuned here to SlashGear for more information.