Motorola Lapdock gets new life with wave of mini-PCs

Another bit of evidence that the internet has brought us closer to a hive-mind mentality than ever before: several bright young owners of the Motorola Lapdock have purchased ultra-cheap miniature PCs such as the Raspberry Pi and have hooked it up for new greatness. Over at Liliputing, the Raspberry Pi ultra-inexpensive computer is just one of several that have been hooked up into the Motorola Lapdock – an older version of the one we reviewed several months ago. There's also the MK802 PC on a stick as well, and more too!

What's happening here is that the Motorola Lapdock acts as a shell for whatever system you want to run through it. It connects to you a device with a microUSB and microHDMI cord, displays a mirror of whatever the system has to offer up on its own display, and gives you full access to it with its own keyboard and trackpad. Of course this system doesn't automatically work for whatever 3rd party computer you've got on hand, it having been made for the Motorola Atrix in the first place, then pushed for the Motorola Droid RAZR as well in stores now.

But what we're seeing this week is each of several different miniPCs, made with only the most basic of elements to keep cost down, being hooked up to this machine. Motorola certainly didn't intend for this "Lapdock" as they call it to be used in this way, but increasing sales this way is better than nothing – Lapdocks back on top!

[vms 62e3c9934f45c3e144d4]

Motorola Lapdock and ATRIX 2 Accessories hands-on

Check out the timeline below to see all the times we encountered the Lapdock in all of its iterations, and head to the Raspberry Pi portal to keep up with news on the most lovely miniature computer on the market today.