Motorola inflatable chair just jumped the shark

Motorola wanted to remind people that their original Motorola razr phone was released in the year 2004. To do this, Motorola teamed up with the company Minnidip to create "another 2000s icon." They've released a new inflatable indoor/outdoor inflatable chair. They've released the MINNIDIP x RAZR CH(AIR) in Blush Gold.

This new chair is inextricably linked with the new Motorola razr foldable display phone first revealed in late 2019, released in early 2020. The color, Blush Gold, was "inspired by razr's Blush Gold device that made its debut earlier this year." This chair has a 'custom "phone recliner" stand on its arm" made specifically for the latest razr phone.

"Utilizing a clear, reflective vinyl structure to support the seating element, it appears as if the 'flipped open' blush gold form is levitating," said Emila Vaca, Minnidip Founder and Designer of the CH(AIR). You'll also find a bit of MINIDIP x RAZR branding on the chair for good measure.

This chair was first made available for pre-order starting on August 13, 2020. Starting at 12PM Central time – 1PM Eastern – through the MINNIDIP homepage store. The chair was priced at a cool $70 USD. With purchase of said chair, for a limited time, users were offered a $200 discount code for razr redeemable on"

If there's one thing Motorola knows, it's that people remember their RAZR phone brand. Whether that, or a combination of that and a 2000s-style blow up chair will spur sales of the 2019/2020 RAZR phone – or future RAZR phone releases – remains to be seen! Take a peek at the timeline below for more information on the RAZR lineup, and see if you can guess what the next RAZR phone will have for features – and when it'll be revealed!