Motorola handset sales down; two Android phones by Q4 holidays

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Motorola have announced their last quarter financial results [pdf link], and as well as a surprising climb into profit – though not, it has to be said, thanks to their cellphone business – they've also confirmed launch plans for two Android devices.  The company announced $26m of net income over all of its businesses for Q2 2009, though mobile device sales were down 45-percent compared to the same period in 2008.

In fact, operating loss for the mobile devices division was $253m, compared to $346m loss in Q2 2008, and a 50-percent recovery compared to Q1 2009's farcical $509m loss.  Motorola claim to be working on "differentiated smartphone devices" for a Q4 holiday launch in their financial release, but their webcast presentation [pdf link] specifies that they are two Android devices.

Last week Motorola announced its App Accelerator Program for Android, a scheme intended to encourage developers to create software for their upcoming devices.  They're also holding a MOTODEV studio event in October.  Interestingly, there's no mention of the company's Windows Mobile plans anywhere in the release.