Motorola launch App Accelerator Program for Android devs

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Motorola has announced their App Accelerator Program and MOTODEV Studio for Android Beta, intended to encourage coders to begin creating software for the range of Android-based mobile devices the company says it will be launching later in the year.  By signing up to the App Accelerator Program, "select developers" will have pre-release access to Motorola's upcoming handsets for testing, together with documentation, tools and engineer access.

They'll also stand the chance of being involved in Motorola's launch campaign, which the manufacturer is obviously hoping to drum up some of the same enthusiasm as when Apple takes to the stage and invites key developers up with them.  The MOTODEV Studio for Android Beta is an Eclipse-based dev environment with emulators, app wizards, code templates and virtual testing tools.

Motorola is planning a MOTODEV Summit on October 6th 2009 in California, at which point they'll look to kick-start Android development for their handsets.  Of course, for the rest of us non-developers, this means we'll likely see plenty of pre-announcement emulator and prototype leaks, as developers involved in the App Accelerator Program let slip what the company has in mind.

[via PhoneScoop]