Moto X press image leaks ahead of August event

The cat's finally out of the bag, and we'll be getting our first official look at the heavily-rumored Moto X come August 1, but there are a still a few days left before that happens, leaving the door wide open for even more leaks and rumors to make their way to the front. This time around, we're treated with a clean press shot of the Moto X.

This isn't the first clear photo that we've seen of the device, as Google chairman Eric Schmidt modeled off the phone in a few "spy" shots a few days ago. That provided us a good look of the back of the device with the glossy curved shell. However, today's press image gives us the first clear look at the front of the handset.

There's nothing too surprising in the press image above, other than that it appears Motorola did away with the obnoxious logo on the upper-left corner that we saw in a Verizon leak earlier this month. The device also looks identical to what we saw in a leaked promo video for the Moto X.

We'll be seeing the phone's unveiling on the first of the month, and the only evidence we have for a public launch date is US Cellular's leaked release date of August 26. From that, it's probably safe to say that other major carriers will follow suit and launch the phone towards the end of the month.

What's perhaps the most interesting tidbit is how Motorola will be conducting the unveil event on August 1. From the invitation that we received, it looks like the company might not have one grand keynote, but rather multiple sessions detailing different bits about the phone. Plus, these details will have embargo times that are lifted later in the day. It'll be interesting how it goes, but we'll be there to bring you the latest about the Moto X, so stick around.

VIA: Lei Feng; The Unlockr