Moto G US Cellular edition launches: fees may apply

Chris Burns - Feb 7, 2014
Moto G US Cellular edition launches: fees may apply

It would seem that US Cellular has joined the Moto G train, offering up this no-contract device amongst their own ranks with their own pricing plan involved. You’ll find our Moto G review to be rather informative on this matter, speaking up about he off-contract iteration Motorola sells from their own website for $179 USD. So what makes this US Cellular version so unique?

With the US Cellular iteration of the Moto G, users are getting the exact same device they would straight from Motorola. Here if you purchase it direct from US Cellular you’re getting it for $189.99 – bu you also get a mail-in rebate which, once you redeem, gives you a whopping $90 back. Once you’re in that far, you’ll notice too that the following is true:

“Applicable No Contract Plan required.” – US Cellular

So even though you’ve got a “no contract” situation going on, you still have to sign up with US Cellular for data and cell coverage. Along with this comes either a $20 or $50 activation fee for the device depending on if you’re an already-active customer or not.

The plan that comes with the Moto G is a “No Contract plan” which includes unlimited voice, messaging and data. This plan costs a cool $50 USD a month, and can be canceled at any time – we’ve yet to find fees that are involved in canceling this plan. This release begins on February 10 in-store and online starting today.

What’s the difference between this and purchasing the phone from Motorola? A couple of fine dinners-worth of wads of cash if you still plan on going with US Cellular one way or the other. If you purchase the phone straight from Motorola, you’re still going to have to sign up with one carrier or the other to get data and voice and text messaging – with US Cellular you’re buying the phone with an understanding that you’ll certainly be bringing it to their brand.

The same is true for Verizon with their Moto G, and the rest as well.

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