ModBook tablet Mac suffers another delay

Oh dear.  Looks like the already-delayed ModBook - a conversion of an Apple MacBook into a pen-controlled slate tablet – is sliding further back through the year.  OWC/Axiotron, the people behind it, had originally expected to get the device onto the market by May, but that was pushed back to the end of June after they decided to upgrade the pressure-sensitivity of the screen (and freshen up the innards, too).  Now unknown issues mean it's delayed until fourth-quarter 2007.


The concern must surely now be that Apple will refresh the MacBook range in the meantime, leaving Axiotron to either sell outdated hardware or go through the development process again with a new base machine.  This is, of course, the usual problem for anyone producing a derivative product.

Has any SlashGear reader pre-ordered a ModBook?  Let us know in the comments.

Axiotron ModBook [via GottaBeMobile]