MobilECG business card has a working ECG display

Shane McGlaun - Mar 2, 2016
MobilECG business card has a working ECG display

Some folks are content with the cheapest paper business cards they can get their hands on. Others want a business card that stands out and people want to keep around. The latter type of business card is the one that will be remembered. We have seen some very cool business cards in the past, including cards that are actually Lego Minifigs and augmented reality cards.

The latest business card to surface that does something other than let you read names and phone numbers is this one from MobilECG. The business card has gold colored contact pads for your thumbs and a tiny display screen that shows your ECG. If you don’t know what an ECG is, it is the wavy line you see on medical TV shows that represents electrical activity in the heart.

Doctors can use the readouts to tell all sorts of things about how your heart is doing. The business card appears to be powered by a coin cell battery. As simple as the business card is, it isn’t suitable for diagnostic testing. It’s meant more for cool factor and playing with. MobilECG is a Hungarian startup that makes open source ECG software that is meant to be used for diagnostic testing.

If you think these might be the perfect business cards for you or your business, they are very expensive. The company wants to sell them for $29 per card. You could probably buy several dozen normal paper business cards for that much money. The other way you can get your own version of the card is to build one. All the schematics and codes are available in files you can download over on GitHub. These would be the perfect business cards for a doctor’s office.

SOURCE: Engadget, Damn Geeky

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