Augmented Reality business cards [Video]

Chris Davies - Jul 17, 2009
Augmented Reality business cards [Video]

Developer James Alliban wanted a way to make his business cards stand out, and also to show off his augmented reality skills, so what better way than to link the two together.  On the back of James’ cards is an AR glyph; when you visit a page on his site and hold the card up to your computer’s webcam, it brings up a floating video introduction made of of 3D colored planes.

Video demo after the cut

You can try the system out for yourself, by printing out this glyph [pdf link] and visiting this webpage.  It will ask to access your webcam, and then once you hold up the print-out it should automatically overlay it with James’ video.

The best thing about it is that the video doesn’t just float motionless on the display, it reacts to the position of the glyph itself.  Turn it slightly to the side and James’ face also turns, all in 3D; pull it out of view, and the video shatters away.  It of course depends on the person you give your card to having access to a computer and a webcam, but in addition to the standard details you’d be giving out this is a great way to squeeze in some more information.


[via Gadget Venue]

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