LEGO minifig business cards

Working for LEGO has obvious benefits.  Being near colored plastic blocks all day, probably getting a discount in the company store, all the plastic interchangeable hairstyles you could ever want, the list is almost endless.  Now we can add "getting the best business cards in the world" to that list: your contact details printed on custom LEGO minifigs.

The employee's name is printed on the front, while around the back there are contact details like phone number and email.  LEGO even attempt to match the minifig's appearance to the staff member; I guess having plastic hair yourself would make that a whole lot easier.

I'm fully expecting to see a business leap into life offering non-LEGO employees custom contact minifigs.  You'd need big pockets if you were attending a tradeshow, though; traditional business cards have the advantage of being a little more portable in bulk.

[via ShinyShiny]