Misfit Minute launches as Apple Watch exclusive

This week Misfit is launching the newest exclusive Apple Watch app, bringing more fitness-friendly functionality to the wearable world. This software will allow the user to select a time interval of 1, 4, or 7 minutes, receiving then a recommendation of a total body workout that'll be best suited for them at that time. This workout will include body-weight exercises, and "high intensity circuit training" that'll aim to burn calories and build strength for the user. Misfit Minute also provides the Apple Watch user with a collection of encouraging and inspirational messages during their workout.

Above and below you'll see the app in action. This app will be available for the first wave of Apple Watch users as of this week – pre-order users of the Apple Watch, that is. Using Misfit Minute will soon be automatically tracked and tagged as an activity inside the standard Misfit app for iOS – for the iPhone and iPad – as well.

"Exercise is one of the most powerful medicines we have," said Misfit medical director Matthew Diamond. Diamond is a medical doctor, PhD, and sports medicine physician as well.

"Research has shown that you don't need to spend hours working out or use elaborate gym equipment," continued Diamond, "even small doses of simple exercises using just your own body weight have been shown to have a tremendous impact on your health."

"Pain is weakness leaving the body," so says the inspirational talk of the Misfit Minute. Expect this app immediately if not soon, available exclusively for the Apple Watch.

"For a lot of other folks making Watch apps, this is really their first wrist worn product," added Misfit this week.

"For us, since we already have products that provide health and fitness information at a glance on your wrist, we're trying to do something completely new that will be a value add for a Watch user, regardless of whether or not they are already a Misfit user.  We continue to try to be hardware agnostic as much as possible (we partnered with Pebble last July to make an app for Pebble watch)."