Mirror's Edge 2 leaks again: Tipped for Xbox One E3 2013 reveal

Much-rumored EA game Mirror's Edge 2 seems to have been prematurely given the official nod today, with a listing for the unannounced title spotted at EA's help site. Swiftly pulled – though not before a screencap could be taken – the listing didn't actually have any details of the game, but its existence alone is enough to seemingly confirm that it's in the pipeline, potentially for the Xbox One among other consoles.

The EA help page blunder isn't the only Mirror's Edge 2 tidbit we've seen lately. Listings for the game showed up briefly on both Amazon Germany and Amazon Italy, Eurogamer reports; one page suggested it was for the Xbox 360, while the other used a mock-up of the Xbox One box-style.

EA is playing it coy, meanwhile. "We appreciate fan enthusiasm for Mirror's Edge, especially fans throughout the retail channel" the company told IGN UK in reference to the Amazon pages. "This is not official EA material. We have nothing to announce at this time."

Microsoft has already said that it will have fifteen titles to discuss for the new Xbox One at E3 next month, with at least one from EA (FIFA 2014). Mirror's Edge 2 would seem like a good addition to that line-up, having been hotly anticipated over the past few years.

If the game is real and indeed fast-incoming – and all signs point to "yes!" – then EA will likely detail it properly at its EA 2013 press conference. That's due to take place on June 10, leaving plenty of time for more inadvertent leaks and listings.

VIA: Joystiq; NeoGAF