Minecraft diamonds fixed in 1.17.2 update

After the last major update to Minecraft earlier this year, players found a significant decrease in Diamond Ore out in the wild. It wasn't just your imagination: Minecraft 1.17 (the first major Caves & Cliffs update), kicked down the amount wild-generated Diamond Ore in a major way. Another pair of resources were relatively out-of-whack with the update too: Diorite and Andesite – they've been reduced this week.

Once Minecraft 1.17 for Bedrock Edition was released, the amount of diamond ore out in the wild in new games was far lower than it should have been. At the same time, Diorite and Andesite Ore were generated in amounts far more abundant than they should have been. With the update to Minecraft 1.17.2 this week, Andesite, Diorite, and Diamond Ore now "generate in expected amounts."

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If you're looking to get ahead of the rest of the Minecraft universe and you're playing on Bedrock platform, now would be a good time to check in to the Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta. The Bedrock Beta has a bunch of Caves & Cliffs Experimental Features right this minute, available via the "Experiments" section of the Create New settings screen.

If you've already created a world and want to enable Caves and Cliffs Experimental Features, you can do that too. Go to Edit, scroll down to Experiments, and tap the "Caves and Cliffs" switch. It's important that you do NOT activate this feature in any world you could not stand to lose access to. New features here are in the "Experiments" section for a reason: They can be jammed with errors, or prevent your world from getting updates to future Bedrock updates – it's all up in the air!

If you've not already updated to Minecraft version 1.17, what are you waiting for? This is Minecraft Caves & Cliff Part 1, an update that brings glow ink, the super cute swimming creature axolotl (the Mexican Walking Fish), and the long-awaited goat!