Major Minecraft update released in Caves & Cliffs: How to get it

Today Minecraft version 1.17.0 was released for most platforms, bringing the entire game to a new universe with a few key feature upgrades. This includes a new Axolotl creature, Glow Squid, powder snow, glow ink, amethyst geodes, tinted glass, copper, and a new lightning rod. There's also a new Spyglass item, raw ore, deepslate, "tuff", dripstone block, pointed dripstone, dripleaf, moss block, moss carpet, azalea, and more. Now – how to get it!

If you're playing Minecraft on any platform other than Java for PC, you should be able to get this update today. The major exception to this rule is in a new set of "sunset" platforms, including Fire TV Gen1, Fire TV Gen2, and Android KitKat OS v20 and below. That means your very, very old Amazon Fire TV devices and your oldest Android smartphones and tablets won't get this update.

If you're playing on Android and want to get the update, head to the Google Play app store and search for Minecraft. You MAY have to tap the Update button. If you are low on storage space on your device, you may've been prevented from updating automatically.

Make sure you've got plenty of storage space open before you download this update. This Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update is not necessarily massive once loaded, but you DO need substantial free space to download the update in the first place.

For iOS devices, you may also need to head to your iPhone or iPad's app store. Search for Minecraft and make sure you tap the update button if need be. The iOS version of the update is over 200MB, which will exceed your download limit for cellular data. You will likely need to download with WiFi.

If you're on a PC or Mac, download Minecraft through this official Minecraft page or the app store through which you downloaded the game in the first place. The same goes for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and so on. Some will update automatically, others will need to head to the app store to hit the UPDATE button manually.