Microsoft xCloud web browser game streaming near public beta

The Public Beta of Microsoft's xCloud for the web appears to be nearly ready for release. A report from The Verge today suggests that the web browser-based version of Microsoft xCloud is in testing in-house now, and should be ready for public beta play in the near future. This version should allow Microsoft xCloud to be played on more platforms than the cloud gaming service works with currently.

If and when Microsoft xCloud is released in a web browser iteration for public consumption, it'll be very similar to that of the Google solution – Google Stadia. Google Stadia currently works in a web browser, allowing users to stream their games with a game controller from a wide variety of platforms.

Microsoft's xCloud cloud gaming platform will allow users to access their full collection of Xbox games in a very similar manner to that of Google Stadia. The big difference is in the library. If you've been buying Xbox games for a decade, you'll likely have more games to play with xCloud than you would with Google Stadia – unless you only buy a game or two a year, then you might find more with Google Stadia Pro.

The Verge has a set of screenshots that show the xCloud gaming service in a web browser in a form that appears ready for public beta. Sources familiar with Microsoft's Xbox plans said that the web version is in testing with Microsoft employees now.

Take a peek at the timeline below for other recent updates to the Microsoft xCloud universe. The game streaming wars are currently going full-tilt, at precisely the time when at-home gaming is most likely to take hold. It'll be interesting to see what happens once summer takes hold and vaccines for COVID-19 are distributed en masse – cross your fingers for the best!