Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint Apps Heading To Symbian

Nokia and Microsoft announced today that the Symbian platform will soon be getting updated with Microsoft apps such as PowerPoint and OneNote. Although the partnership between the two companies meant the impending death of Symbian, Nokia has vouched that support and updates would continue until at least 2016.

The first batch of Microsoft apps will be available in an update later this fall and they include the Microsoft Lync 2010 Mobile for IM and video conferencing on-the-go, PowerPoint Broadcast for quickly broadcasting your presentations from PC to mobile, OneNote for a rich note-taking application that syncs with SkyDrive, and Document Connection for viewing documents stored on mobile as well as on SharePoint sites.

Additional Microsoft apps will come in a second update in early 2012, including OneNote syncing with SharePoint, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint native apps. These are good productivity additions to Symbian, which has just seen the launch of an OS update called Belle along with three new smartphones.

[via Nokia]