Nokia Promises Symbian Updates Until 2016

Although Nokia is switching platforms to the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango for its new lineup, it won't completely ditch its Symbian followers. In a recent interview with Nokia Conversations blog, China Edition, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop not only reiterated that the company will continue to support Symbian for a period of time, but that it would do so until at least 2016.

"We are in a period where the investment in Symbian absolutely continues," said Elop in the interview. " Even as we go through a transition to our primary smartphone platform, Windows Phone, you will see continued investment and I know there have been questions about how long does that continue and we've now been very clear about that – that software updates to Symbian devices are expected until at least 2016."

This should reassure folks who are interested but hesitant to pick up Symbian-based Nokia smartphones, including the Nokia X7, and the uber luxurious Nokia Oro—which Elop says he personally carries. With this timeframe, most current owners of Symbian-based phones will have upgraded to a different platform by the time support phases out.

[via AllAboutSymbian]