Microsoft: WindUp is not Snapchat, even though it kind of is

After Microsoft released a Windows Phone 8 app by the name of WindUp with abilities extremely similar to those of Snapchat, the company received a lot of feedback. So much, in fact, that they've found it necessary to speak up on how similar the app is to apps already on the market. It's not Snapchat, they say in so many words, without actually mentioning Snapchat by name.

Word comes from Inside Microsoft Research member Richard Harper on TechNet who suggests that "erroneous press reports" have been released. These reports centered on the research done on the WindUp app – Microsoft hopes to set the record straight.

"Our goal is to learn how people create, share and converse about content online," suggests Harper, "The application is designed to enable me and my team to explore patterns of content creation and exchange.  It isn't meant to compete with anyone else's service, and it isn't meant for commercial purposes."

You heard it, folks – this app is not meant to compete with apps that basically do the exact same thing. So if you want a Snapchat for Windows Phone, get a clone or switch to Android or iOS. Clearly that's what's meant by Microsoft's team as they release this app to the public for all Windows Phone users.