Microsoft updates SkyDrive for iOS app to version 3.0

Back in December 2012, there was a bit of a butting-of-heads situation betwixt Apple and Microsoft over the iOS SkyDrive app, which concerned the amount of moolah Apple kept from SkyDrive subscriptions upgraded via the iOS app. Such upgrades were considered in-app purchases, and as such were subject to Apple's 30-percent cut. It would seem the issue has been resolved, with Microsoft rolling out its SkyDrive for iOS update today.

Word about the issue between Microsoft and Apple had come from multiple sources who were said to be familiar with the situation. According to the rumors, Microsoft claimed that it shouldn't be hit with the 30-percent fee because the subscriptions were not exclusive to iOS, and in the end the company sought a deal with Apple. Potentially, the dispute could have lead to the SkyDrive app being removed from the App Store.

Whether a deal was struck, the fee was removed, or Microsoft gave in is unknown, but the company has released version 3.0 of its SkyDrive for iOS app, and so Apple fans of Microsoft's cloud storage service needn't worry. This latest version includes a few improved features, a change to the user interface, and some new features that haven't been seen before. The app now supports both the iPad mini and the iPhone 5.

In addition to the added support, the app's icons have been updated, and the user interface itself has been tweaked. Photo optimization has been implemented, including the ability to download full-res images to an iPad and iPhone, the ability to change the size of an image upload/download, and metadata is now preserved when files are backed up to SkyDrive. The saving and opening of SkyDrive files on other iOS apps has been improved, and there have been a variety of other small tweaks, fixes, and performance boosts, as well.

[via Windows]