Microsoft to shoulder all Windows 10 Mobile updates

If there is one thing Android users might get jealous of their Windows Phone counterparts, it would be this. Microsoft will practically be taking charge of all Windows 10 updates on all devices. And yes, that includes mobile phones. This means, in theory, that it will no longer matter what device you're on or what carrier you're subscribed to. You will get those updates more or less at the same time as anyone else, no excuses. In practice, however, it remains to be seen if Microsoft can pull this off.

This system is nothing new to iPhone owners. Apple has always been in charge of updates to its devices. On the other extreme, however, are Android users who are at the mercy of the layers of OEM and carrier tests, which could delay much needed security updates sometimes even by months. WIndows Phone users aren't exactly better off either. Although there are very few Windows Phone devices outside the Lumia family, updates even within that family tend not to be spread evenly, especially when carriers are concerned. This leads to that dreaded word known as "fragmentation".

Microsoft seems to be willing to take the problem by the horns and beat it into submission. For now, however, it's all words and promises, as Windows 10 Mobile won't even be out until later this year. In theory, however, it means that Microsoft will be more proactive in getting out updates to all devices in a timely manner. In practice, it might be harder to pull off.

Apple can get away with such a setup because it is the one that makes the devices and exercise vice-like grip on carriers who carry them. While Microsoft will have its own Lumia line, it is also courting other OEMs to make Windows Phone/Window 10 Mobile devices as well. Add carriers into the mix and you have practically the same layered cake as Android, and practically the same mess.