Microsoft Surface Hub 2S: A gigantic $12k PC you'll never see

There's a gigantic "collaborative display" called Microsoft Surface Hub 2S that's been revealed this morning. This PC is gigantic, rolling with an 85-inch touchscreen display, and there's a 50-inch model that'll ship in June. There's also a Surface Hub 2X with a rotating screen. So in total, for every Surface Hub with a number "2" in the title, we've got Surface Hub 2 (revealed last year), Surface Hub 2S (50-inch), Surface Hub 2S (85-inch), and a Surface Hub 2X (coming next year with a rotating screen).

Microsoft wants to be the undisputed king of massive-screen touchscreen computers, pretty clearly. They revealed their first Surface Hub collection in 2016, number 2 came in 2018, and in 2019 they've got some slightly thinner versions of the 2. The differences are few.

They're all working with Windows 10 Team, a software that's a variant of Windows 10 Enterprise, and they can be tiled. Up to four of these monsters can be put together to create one even more mega-massive touchscreen PC. For those times when you need a touchscreen so big, you can sleep on it. Also you can move this one around on a stand from Steelcase.

Surface Hub 2S will come with an 8th-gen Core i5 processor inside. It'll come in June in its 50-inch configuration for approximately $9,000 USD. That's nine THOUSAND dollars for this business-aimed PC. Then there's the bigger version that'll only be in testing in early 2020.

The big kanuna is also called Surface Hub 2S, and it'll cost a cool $12k. That's 12-THOUSAND dollars for a PC with an 85-inch display. Cross your fingers this means the Surface Hub 1 will one day be within the realm of affordability for us pathetic non-business individuals – for... stuff like.... Hearthstone? I don't even know.

Have a peek at the timeline below to see more about how this Surface Hub line of products has appeared over the last several years. Imagine this sort of thing for the average citizen – but perhaps in a different form. I'm thinking maybe expandables?