Microsoft Surface Book 2 15-inch gets $500 cheaper with new model

Chris Burns - Jun 19, 2019, 3:34 pm CDT
Microsoft Surface Book 2 15-inch gets $500 cheaper with new model

There’s a new version of the Microsoft Surface Book 2 15-inch model in the world today, and it might be a bigger deal than it seems. I don’t mean that this is a “deal” like it’s inexpensive so much as I mean that the price drop could signal a turning point in the PC industry. At last, it could be, that the Windows laptop will be available from the top names for prices that won’t break the bank.

The new Microsoft Surface Book 2 model will cost users around $2000. That’s approximately $500 less than the most recent edition with the same size display. This new device mirrors several points from the rest of the Surface Book 2 crew – which was introduced in March of this year. The smaller device has a 13.5-inch display instead of the 15-inch panel that comes with the device rebooted today.

There’s currently but ONE version of this Surface Book with an Intel Core i5 (7th-gen) processor, that’s the one with 256GB storage and 16GB RAM. If you’d like a different Surface Book 2 with 15-inch display, you’ll need to buy the version with the Intel Core i7 (8th-gen) processor with several storage options, starting at approximately $200 more than the i5.

The strange thing here is the appearance of the 7th-gen Core i5 appearing with the 15-inch laptop AFTER the release of the 13.5-inch laptop with Core i5 8th-gen processor. Microsoft has both the 7th-gen and 8th-gen i5 processor configuration available for the 13.5-inch version of the Surface Book 2, and an 8th-gen Core i7 for good measure.

Take a peek at our Microsoft Surface Book 2 Review and see what you make of it. This device has been in play since November of 2017 in different configurations – no need to fix something that isn’t broken, and so it must be with this line of devices.

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