Microsoft shuns Apple for "bigger" Siri in iPhone 6 Plus

The Lumia 830 is up to bat this week in a video spot created by Microsoft to hate on the iPhone 6 Plus. This Lumia smartphone takes on the slightly larger iPhone 6 Plus by speaking with Cortana. The screens have been simulated, of course, and the sequences have been shortened – and the voices have been modified so they'll say what fits the commercial. But still, there's comedy to be found here in a war of the personal assistants, one for Windows Phone 8, the other for iOS.

The joke here is that with the latest update to Cortana, Microsoft's personal assistant is able to do more entertaining or otherwise helpful things for its owner. With the update to the iPhone with the iPhone 6 Plus, Siri "gets bigger".

Earlier this year Apple did, indeed, let it be known that Siri would be getting an update to be able to recognize songs with Shazam, purchase iTunes content, and hear 22 new dictation languages. Siri's newest update also activated streaming voice recognition – which means you'll be able to call upon Siri without touching your home button.

Microsoft's contention is that Cortana's newest abilities are better, here. Giving reminders based on who calls or texts you, and getting traffic alerts based on live traffic updates – these are the features Microsoft chose to include in their 30-second spot.

You might also see an alert at the end of the video that notes how you'll be able to get an Xbox Limited Edition HTC One Dot View case if you buy the HTC One M8 with Windows device before January 31st. How about them apples?