Microsoft revisits #DROIDRAGE bash Android "malware" incident

Over the past few weeks, the folks at Symantec have gathered and released a "malware" warning for millions of Android Market users, and today Microsoft is taking advantage of the breakdown. Though the idea that the spread of what Symantec said was malware might NOT have been malware in the first place, just a powerful advertisement bit of software, Microsoft isn't about to let an opportunity like this slide. This week Ben Rudolph, aka @BenThePCGuy has laid down a challenge for future Windows Phone users: tell them their #DROIDRAGE stories of how bad "adware" is on Android.

This is not the first time Microsoft has taken advantage of Google's misfortune (or perhaps misstep) today, the first time being Microsoft actually taking out ads that told the world that "Putting People First" is what they've got to hold up. Google is being cut into here because of the Privacy Policy changes that took place recently. Now comes the double fire with the bringing back up of #DROIDRAGE.

This #DROIDRAGE keyword is being used for the second time now, the first being a very similar situation where Android was put on the spot – then also with Windows Phones as the prize for participants in the project. Twitter will be the place for battle here in the Windows Phone vs Android war, and the fight will be chipping, chipping, chipping away piece by piece. Is this what Microsoft needs to get Windows Phone into the spotlight where they believe it belongs?

[via Gotta Be Mobile]