Microsoft Project Pink webcast sneaks in early Turtle sighting

Microsoft's Project Pink event is scheduled to take place in around twelve hours time, and SlashGear will be there to bring you all the details.  However, if you'd like a sneak peek at one of the devices themselves, head over to Microsoft's livestream page; the event may not be running, but either accidentally or on purpose there's a Project Pink "Turtle" in view.  Already well leaked over the past few months, the Turtle is expected to be – along with its "Pure" counterpart – a QWERTY slider prioritizing mobile social networking.

Manufactured by Sharp, the handsets are in effect Microsoft's new Sidekick alternative, created using the team acquired when they bought Danger.  Unlike Windows Phone 7 it seems there's a more featurephone-slant than smartphone functionality, but we'll have to wait and see exactly how Microsoft position them at the event later today in order to be sure.

The underlying OS is Windows CE but heavily skinned, and there's a Zune HD style app store and other connected services.  Both devices – under different titles from their current codenames – are expected to arrive on Verizon later this quarter, in advance of a GSM launch at some point along the line.

[via Gizmodo]