Microsoft Launcher for Android gets major upgrade

Today the folks at Microsoft responsible for the "Microsoft Launcher" app on Android released a major update. A launcher app, if you've never had the opportunity to use one before, will allow you to experience your Android smartphone in a brand new way – sort of like putting all your baseball cards in a new binder. You get the same content, it's just delivered in a new way.

This version of the Microsoft Launcher includes a brand new Feed design. That's the system with which a user sees updates, links, and so forth – and it's not present in every different sort of launcher on Android. If you've never had a "feed" in your collection of home screens before, now's a good time to take a peek! They're certainly not everyone's cup of tea.

The feed as it exists today has your profile image at the top with a message that appears dependent on the time of day. In the morning, you'll see something like "Good morning, Jim." The feed includes a reading of your Calendar (with scheduled events, if you've got them). You'll also see TASKS, if you've got them – that'll be helpful if you're the sort of person that makes good use of lists.

If you're looking for the new Microsoft Launcher update to deliver a new experience akin to what's seen in the Microsoft Surface Duo, you're in luck. This latest version of Microsoft Launcher (version 6.2 (Stable)), delivers a landscape mode that looks and feels a lot like it'd be right at home on that two-display-toting device.

Take a peek at the Microsoft Launcher on Google Play. You might not see the update right this minute, and if you're signed up for the Beta version of the app, you might not see an update at all – the last beta update is August 7, 2020, right this minute.