Microsoft debuts Android app for those considering Windows Phone

Apple isn't the only one releasing apps for Android to lure users to its own mobile platform. Microsoft is trying something similar with its new release to the Google Play store, an app called AppComparison. Featuring a tagline of "Are you considering changing your Android device to Windows Phone?", the app doesn't directly try to convince users to switch platforms, but instead shows which apps are already available on Windows 10 Mobile.

Once fired up for the first time, AppComparison scans the apps already installed on a users Android device, and tells them which ones already have Windows Phone versions. For those apps that aren't available, Microsoft will list Windows 10 Mobile apps that it believes are comparable.

On its own, Microsoft's app may not be enough to lure those on the fence about Windows 10 Mobile to switch sides, but it could prove very useful for those seriously considering the new Lumia 950 smartphones and want to know which apps they use everyday are already available on the devices.

AppComparison is available now for free on the Google Play store. While it's been getting a decent amount of reviews, the app is averaging around 3 out of 5 stars, with more than a few users mentioning how few of their apps are available on Windows 10 Mobile. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the app might just be highlighting how little is available on their app marketplace.

SOURCE AppComparison (Google Play)