Microsoft Courier Patent Acceptance Opens Old Wounds

The life of the Microsoft Courier over the last few months has been one for the script of a soap opera. From seeing video of what the Courier concept would be, to its terrible cancellation, to some software confusion, the Courier has lived and died in such a roller-coaster fashion that it could be tough for anyone to keep up with. Even when Microsoft execs were being shuffled around (supposedly due to the Courier's axing), the Courier was always the main focus. And today, based on a patent months old, we're reminded all over again about what could have been.

A patent dating back to January 19th of this year just broke cover in its acceptance, and the receipt shows the design of the Courier plain and simply. As you might expect, even if Microsoft has officially canceled the digital journal, they now own the design for the thing, which means they could actually put the dual-screen tablet into production if they wanted to. But, we wont' hold our breath.

[via TechFlash]