Microsoft's J Allard Could be Leaving Over Courier Cancellation

There's no doubt in our mind that when Microsoft pulled the plug on the Courier, a lot of people got upset. We know that's probably the case because we're definitely in that pool. It was definitely one of the most attractive and interesting Microsoft concepts to come out in years, but, as Fate would have it, it's just not going to happen. But, you know who was more angry than anyone else? J Allard.

According to some sources speaking with ZDNet, it looks like Chief Technical Officer J Allard (of the Xbox and Zune Team fame) is currently on a sabbatical from the Redmond-based company, but with the Courier getting axed, he may not be returning to the company at all. Allard was "the champion" of the Courier, and believed wholeheartedly in its success in the market, but CEO Steve Ballmer did not feel the same way. This may have lead to some personal disagreements between the two men, which boiled over with the cancellation of the electronic journal device.

Microsoft, of course, have no comment on the situation, and their site still lists Allard as an employee. What this tells us, is that the man who knew Xbox would be a success, knew that the Courier would have been too. That just makes us want the Courier even more, and wish beyond all wishes that Microsoft hadn't decided to can the project. Now we'll just have to see what's next for the company, and hope that it's anywhere near as good as the concepts we'd seen in the past.

[via ZDNet]