Microsoft confirms Windows 10 support ends in 2025

All Windows users know that the latest version of the Windows operating system eventually sees support end. When support ends, Microsoft tries to get people to migrate to a new version of Windows whether they want to or not. A new Microsoft support document has been updated that gives an exact date for when support for Windows 10 Home and Pro will end.

The updated support document shows that support for Windows 10 ends October 14, 2025. Microsoft's updating of the document marks the first time it has specifically named the end of support date for the current version of the operating system. The end of support date is a little more than four years away at this time, and speculation suggests that when Microsoft holds its Next Generation Windows event this month, the operating system it shows off may not be Windows 10.

At the event, Microsoft may reveal Windows 11, Windows Sun Valley, or another new name that isn't Windows 10. The updated document also shows that Windows 10 Home and Pro began support on July 29, 2015, with the end of support date listed as October 14, 2025. The dates listed show that Microsoft is sticking to the 10-year support lifecycle the company has maintained for past generations of Windows.

Microsoft announced the event earlier this month as happening on June 24, 2021. At the event, the software giant has promised the most significant update for Windows in years. There is some indication that if it weren't for the pandemic still impacting many parts of the world, this Windows event would've been something Microsoft held in person rather than online.

Whether or not the event brings an entirely new version of Windows or simply tweaks to the existing version remains to be seen. Microsoft has been on Windows 10 for six years without a name change, and those name changes typically bring significant modifications to the operating system.