Microsoft: 3D Gaming is Too Expensive

We know Sony's pushing 3D hard on their home video game console. Nintendo? They've got 3D down in the mobile gaming market. So, where's Microsoft's stand on all of this? When it comes to 3D, Microsoft doesn't seem to be making a play for the 3D market quite yet. In fact, if it weren't for motion-based gaming with the Kinect, it wouldn't seem like they were moving into the future at all (unless you count that shiny new console). Thanks to the head of Xbox in the UK, we now get a glimpse of what Microsoft thinks of this "new" platform.

Neil Thompson spoke to AfterDawn, and outlined Microsoft's outlook on the third dimension of gaming. Simply put, it looks like it's just too expensive at this point in time. Microsoft apparently looked at the cost of entry into the living room, and when 3D is going to become mass-market. When they crunched the numbers, they figured out that Kinect, and the natural User Interface that they are creating with the motion peripheral is a far more compelling proposition. And they mean that for the next few years, or foreseeable future, instead of going with 3D.

We understand where Microsoft is coming from. While a firmware update from Sony will bring PlayStation 3s into the 3D world, you will still have to put out the money for a 3DTV. What do you think? Should Microsoft be banking on 3D as well?

[via AfterDawn]