Sony Plans to Make Majority of Video Games in 3D, Including Triple-A Titles

No surprise here. On the heels of Sony announcing the pre-order availability of a list of BRAVIA 3D HDTVs, there comes word that the house that built the PlayStation is focusing, from here on out, on 3D. We already knew that Sony was one of the main companies out there focusing on the "future tech," but we didn't think it would go this deep. Speaking with CVG, the UK PlayStation boss Ray Maguire pretty much laid out the company's idea for the future, and there's a lot of 3D being applied to a lot of different things.

There's already a "stereoscopic collection" of 3D titles hitting the PlayStation Store today, but those aren't the full intent of Sony. No, they want to make sure that the way we play video games changes forever, and they plan on doing that the only way they know how: make their triple-A titles go the three-dimensional route, too. While Killzone 3 has already been announced, and we know that's going to be their mainstay 3D title for at least a little while, Maguire confirmed to CVG that other huge titles, like God of War would also be going the new route. Yes, the game you thought you finished with the latest iteration in the series, is apparently going to make a comeback, and in a whole new way.

Next week at E3, Sony is going to show off Killzone 3, probably in all of its 3D glory, and there's probably going to be a few more announcements in this regard as well. When Maguire was asked if all of Sony's premiere first party titles would be made into 3D, he replied with:

"In time, yes. I think when you get to 2014 and beyond the majority of games will be 3D. You will be able to have backwards compatibility with 2D – as opposed to 3D being the exception."

So, Maguire (and Sony as a whole, probably) believe that the gaming industry is due for a change, and 3D seems to be the catalyst to make that happen. Right now, 3D is just a developing model, hugely popular in movie theaters, but obviously gaining ground in the home, too. If, and when, 3D HDTVs become priced a bit more competitively (like, under $2,000, Sony), we can see where 3D might start to make a stand. But, for now, you'll just have to wear those glasses in the comfort of your neighborhood theater, where everyone can stare at you. Anyone out there actually interested in playing 3D video games? If you are, we've included the trailer for Killzone 3 below. No, it's not in 3D, but you'll get the idea.

[via CVG]