Meta AR headset TED Talk: augmented details

Chris Burns - Mar 18, 2016, 10:31am CDT
Meta AR headset TED Talk: augmented details

Meta is a company that’s created an augmented reality headset that – at this moment – is available for sale to developers at large. Today is the day that TED Talks releases the first major address made by Meta CEO Meron Gribetz to the public. It is in this TED Talk that Gribetz lays the groundwork for the public to not only see, but experience and understand the world of augmented reality through a headset that does not rely on either extra-tiny or extra-close-to-one’s-face displays.

Above you’ll see the Meta AR headset as it exists today. This is not the final consumer version – this version was made for developers to create next-level augmented reality applications for the time at which the headset will be ready for the public.

We had a chat with Meta earlier this year. Speaking with Meta VP, Sales & Partnerships, Ryan Pamplin, we found that it was NOW that Meta was striking the iron because it is NOW that the technology has caught up with the vision. The time is ripe!

Above you’ll see the TED Talk released just this morning, showing Meta CEO Meron Gribetz introduce the world to the Meta 2.

“Several technological breakthroughs were required in optics and sensors to finally get to the point that our vision of the future can become a reality,” said Pamplin.

“We’ve actually made these breakthroughs ourselves by bringing in absolutely incredible people who are super passionate. Meta 2 is the first AR device that allows you to suspend disbelief and become fully engaged with holograms seamlessly layered on top of the real world. Pent up demand has reached a tipping point, as we can tell from all of the preorders coming in for Meta 2.”

To see the rest of our extended interview with Meta, head to the article Meta on why AR vs VR will be a non-issue.

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