Mercedes me Charge recharging ecosystem debuts in the Mercedes EQS luxury EV

Mercedes-Benz has formed a strategic partnership with ChargePoint to streamline the charging process for its upcoming EQS luxury EV. As a result, Mercedes me Charge is now the official charging ecosystem of the latest EQS and other future electric mobility products from the German premium automaker.

Mercedes me Charge comes loaded with exciting innovations to take the guesswork off finding a charging station and selecting a payment method across all major charging networks in North America. The system integrates seamlessly with MBUX and the Mercedes Me app to plan your trip, locate charging stations, and initiate payment for all charging sessions on ChargePoint's public network of 60,000 stations nationwide.

What's more, Mercedes me Charge will work on other major charging networks like Electrify America, including semi-public chargers at hotels, workplaces, and shopping malls. With this feature, Mercedes me Charge is potentially turning out to be the largest integrated charging network in the United States, rivaling Tesla's supercharging network.

Signing up for Mercedes me Charge is fast and easy. After creating your Mercedes me account and activating the Mercedes me Charge service, you automatically gain access to all the available charging opportunities without signing up or creating an account for each network. The system can even show how busy a particular charging station is in real-time to plan your route accordingly in advance.

Mercedes me Charge customers will also benefit from automatic payments and an innovative Plug & Charge functionality. The former means you only need to choose your preferred mode of payment once upon registering. Afterward, the system will automatically debit the fee after charging the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Plug & Charge adheres to ISO 15118 standards for more convenient charging. With this feature, customers can charge their Mercedes EVs using a basic two-step process: Open the flap and plug in the vehicle. With Plug & Charge in the EQS luxury EV, drivers can enable charging using MBUX, the Mercedes me app, or by utilizing the Mercedes me Charge card.

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS will come with an unlimited number of 30-minute charging sessions for two years starting this 2021, courtesy of Electrify America, including access to more than 2,600 DC fast chargers across the United States. Electrify America is one of the few charging points that can deliver maximum charging speeds (up to 350 kW) for the EQS and other Mercedes EQ vehicles.

Finally, Mercedes me Charge has an innovative Green Charging feature that ensures an equal amount of electricity from renewable sources is fed to the grid to charge your Mercedes EV. The incoming Mercedes-Benz EQS is available in a single or dual-motor configuration with two battery choices: 90 kWh and 107.8 kWh. According to Mercedes-Benz, the larger battery should be good for an EPA-rated 400 miles of range.