MeeGo Tablet UI gets video walkthrough

MeeGo-based tablets were a small but significant cohort at Computex recently, but while we've seen brief demos of the hardware we're yet to see a full walkthrough of the tablet-centric build of the OS.  Over at YouTube there's a new video demo of a MeeGo pre-alpha, showing how the platform handles a reasonably-sized, multitouch capable touchscreen display, and the good news is that even at this early stage it looks pretty impressive.Video demo after the cut

The UI consists of various scrolling columns for social network updates, multimedia content, internet and more, and there's also a "simple" UI which switches to regular icons.  Multitouch image handling is supported, as is multitasking using a straightforward visual task-manager.

There's no word on what exact hardware is being used to demo MeeGo here, so we're left guessing at the processor choice.  Wistron, Quanta and CZC were all showing devices at Intel's booth, indicating it's Atom doing the hard work.

[via HDBlog]